Home team's clubs are responsible to update GOTSOCCER with their information each week. This will be the official schedule for the league. 


To view how to update your club's home schedule please click HERE.


IMPORTANT - The home field and kickoff time should NOT be considered final until communication has occurred between teams each week to confirm final details. To find the contact information for the team you are playing look on the top right side of your schedule for the blue arrow and the words "Team Contact Info" click there and you will be taken to team contacts. 



We will be collecting scores for ALL teams/games; however, published standings will only be available for U13 and over teams. As U13 intake is still technically U12, no scores and/or standings will be published. Additional scores, where standings are not published are only collected and reviewed internally, to use as a tool to know if teams are placed at the appropriate level. This information will be shared, in confidence, with the club's staff, should a move to a new group be in the best interest of team(s) in the group. 


A link to the standings will be available here after the opening weekend April 10th/11th

League finals will be subject to BC Soccer Covid Protocols at the start of league play. 


Points System


For U13-18 a standard point system will be used as follows: 

  • Win - 3 points

  • Tie - 1 point

  • Loss - 0 points


In the event of a tie in final season points, the following will be used as a tiebreaker


  1. Head to head result (2 teams tied only)

  2. Goal difference 

  3. Goals for

  4. Goals against 

  5. Coin flip


In groups where a BYE exists AND teams are not afforded the opportunity to play an EQUAL number of games, a points per game played will be established for all teams, after the results of week 7 are received. This will be done manually by league staff to determine the final placement of teams and to declare the teams participating in the semi-finals


Note: Groups who DO NOT have a BYE but where teams have not played all of their games, will NOT have this formula applied. The expectation is that all teams play all of their scheduled games. In the event that you have an unplayed game and your opponent is unwilling to play, please contact the league manager immediately so we can try and resolve. 


As a last resort, you can also request a forfeit HERE


A forfeit should only be requested after exhausting all attempts to play the game with your opponent. Please keep a written record (email) of your attempt to re-schedule a missed game. The league will want to see that every effort was made to have the game played. 



About Cascadia Soccer League

Founded in 2017, the Cascadia Soccer League "The League" operates a spring league from April - June. The League services recreational and rep players from U8 to U18, with the objective of providing an organized, fun, and developmentally appropriate game setting throughout the spring season. 

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