Tiering Teams

Team registration for the spring season opens January 2020. 

Given the short length of the season, placing teams in the right level of play is critical to ensuring that everyone gets competitive games each week. We simply cannot move teams on a weekly basis as a result of the teams being placed in error. 

For 2020, we will follow this process: 

  • Team/club register team before March 31st.  

  • League will send clubs a list of registered teams after March 31st.

  • Club technical staff to approve all team placements by April 3rd.

    • Note that club and team staff should discuss this internally, but the league will take direction only from the club staff - after final team placement teams any team wanting to be moved before the final schedule is released may be subject to a fine of $100.

  • There will be no re-tiering for U13 and over teams.

  • Re-tiering will occur for U9 intake to U13 intake teams after the May 2nd & 3rd game weekend. Scores will be made available to club technical staff if requested and, similar to the original placement, team and club staff should discuss any movement requests. 

  • Club technical staff will make re-tiering requests before May 4th. Requests WILL NOT be taken directly from teams. 

  • The final U9 Intake - U13 Intake schedule will be released on May 6th.

There will be no movement of teams before, or after, the re-tiering dates. The 8 week season is simply too short to constantly move teams between groups. There will be no exceptions. 



U9 Intake - U11

Development 1 

Development 2 

Development 3 

U13 Intake - U18 


Division 1 

Division 2

Division 3 


Players are grouped into divisions by their year of birth. For 2020 the ages and corresponding divisions are as follows (as per BC Soccer’s Rules & Regulations)

Questions about Tiers


Coaches who have questions about Tiers and where there team should be should discuss with their clubs Technical Director. 

Technical Directors wanting to discuss Tiers can contact the league's Technical Manager by clicking HERE


Any questions from coaches/managers/parents about tiers will be redirected to your club.  

Game Times 

U9 Intake - U9 - 2 x 25min 

U10 Intake - U11 -  2 x 30min

U13 Intake & over - 2 x 35min 


About Cascadia Soccer League

Founded in 2017, the Cascadia Soccer League "The League" operates a spring league from April - June. The League services recreational and rep players from U8 to U18, with the objective of providing an organized, fun, and developmentally appropriate game setting throughout the spring season. 

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