Update Roster

How to login to your GotSoccer team account and update your roster:

Step 1: Go to GotSoccer.com User Login Member Accounts Team and team officials (Note: you may have received a username and link at the bottom of the e- mail. If so, click on the link, and use the account lookup tool to get your password. The username and password are not in the same e-mail for security reasons) 

Step 2: Once logged in click on “roster” in the grey menu bar 

Step 3: Click “register new player” and type in the player’s information (you can put postal code where it says zip and choose your province under “state). 

Step 4: Repeat until all players are added. Once this has been done one time the account can be used for any GotSoccer events, so this is a one time setup.

You may call 904-746-4446 if you have issues.